Supporting Tiaan with an Apple Watch
MISSION ACHIEVED: WOW 2 hours since posting we have raised enough to buy the Apple Watch. Thank you all so much 💖 I will purchase it tomorrow and gift to the family 💖💖💖💖
Tiaan is a happy 4 year old who has been having severe apnoeas since birth resulting in him being found blue and unresponsive and requiring CPR. These events have resulted in numerous hospital admissions to Taranaki base hospital and high anxiety life for his mum. It has been recommended that Tiaan have an Apple Watch to be able to alert for assistance and capture his cardiac rhythms at the time of these events to help in the investigation of the cause of these apnoeas.
Gabby's Starlit HOPE would like to raise funds so that we can purchase an Apple Watch to help this amazing Mum. The apple watch needed is one of the latest ones as the latest version measures heart rhythm with an ECG ap. The watch is a series 6 version and costs $749.00.
The Mum also has an autistic nonverbal son at home too and she has had to pause her work due to Tiaan's condition. They are a lovely family who never ask for anything but this time they do need our help. This apple watch would help the Mum so much to be able to monitor her child closely and relieve the constant anxiety she is currently under.

Posted: Monday 3 May 2021

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